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Mori Seiki SL-204S/500

CNC-Lathe / Drilling Center. Mori Seiki SL-204S/500

  Lot # 675
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By instruction of Danfoss Power Solutions ApS, Nordborg, Denmark, Lynderup Group ApS will be disposing 12 machines and auxiliary equipment from L35 plant in Nordborg.

One of the machines is a CNC-Lathe / Drilling Center. Mori Seiki SL-204S/500. Serial number: 1334. Control: MSG 806. Number of controlled axes: 3. Subspindle. Spindle Taper: SK-40. Operational hours > 10000. 12 position automatic tool changer. Year of manufacture: 2001. Mass of machine: 5445 kg.

Manuals included.

Servo motor repaired and compressor changed.



Accessories: Swarf conveyor included: Pehama Model 375.1100, No, 01 0042 1. Year 2001.

Oil Skimmer: Union Oiltech Unifil 1000.



This machine was used as part of a production cell making critical hydraulic motor components for Danfoss Power Solutions.


The rigger states that the machine must be loaded onto a low flatbed truck by using a crane. The cost of dismantling, hauling, loading, and strapping is 2500 Euros. This amount is included in the reserve.

The machine awaits replacement of one printcard, which awaits arrival and fitting before the machine can be collected. We have no firm date of when this will happen, but probably week 43.

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  • Lot # 675
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